Our Handmade Kitchens & Furniture Portfoilo.

Designed to create an elegant aesthetic that works seamlessly for you and your family, our handmade Shaker kitchens are versatile and work beautifully in a contemporary interiors as in a classic traditional design.
Our kitchens are handmade using carefully sourced materials.
Manufacturing our own bespoke furniture offers superior workmanship and consistency, at the most competitive price.
No two kitchens are the same. We are proud to create something truly Bespoke & Unique for our customers.

Every home tells a story, Here is a glimpse into some of the stories we have helped create with our timeless designs and bespoke furniture.

fitted kitchens chester
Bespoke Fitted Kitchen

Elevate Your Living Space with a Bespoke Fitted Kitchen

In the heart of the historic city of Chester, where charm meets modernity, lies a world of culinary possibilities. For homeowners seeking to transform their kitchens into extraordinary spaces, bespoke fitted kitchens offer an unparalleled level of customization and sophistication.

Your Kitchen is a space where culinary dreams take flight, where families gather, and where memories are made. Recognizing the paramount importance of a well-crafted kitchen, our client approached us with a vision for a bespoke fitted kitchen that would seamlessly integrate with their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

fitted kitchens chester
Shaker Fitted Kitchen

A Handpainted Shaker Kitchen

Shaker kitchen design, characterized by its simplicity, functionality, and timeless elegance, has become a widely sought-after aesthetic in contemporary home design.

Our client in Cheshire requested a Bespoke Fitted Shaker Kitchen that was not only functional, classical and elegant, but a fitted kitchen that also extended the heart of their beautiful home.

fitted kitchens wirral
Shaker Style Fitted Kitchen

Farrow & Ball Painted Kitchen & Utility Room

When designing your Handpainted Kitchen, we beleive that using the best materials brings out the best in design.

This handpainted Farrow and Ball Kitchen in Caldy, Wirral, showcases the ultimate in kitchen design, with an exquisite blend of functionality and beauty that transforms your kitchen into a masterpiece.

With a rich history dating back to 1946, Farrow & Ball has established itself as a leading authority in interior design. Its paints are meticulously crafted using only the finest pigments and materials, resulting in a depth of color and a luxurious matte finish.